Trend Report 2018-2019

Ryley Bisaillon, Staff Writer

           TREND REPORT


As we say goodbye to 2018, we remember all the revolutionary trends this past year brought forth. 2018 was a huge year for fashion statements, and provides clear understanding of how the phrase “everything comes back in style” is greatly accurate. Thankfully many trends came to a well anticipated end, while others just started to gain popularity. We are going to recap these infamous past year trends, as well as a Fashion Forecast 2019.



As stated by TeenVogue: Velvet, chunky sneakers, and even the color yellow we’re among key trends of this past year. Everyone from A-listers to teens from our very own Carterville High School were sporting these items. “I have a pair of pink velvet booties that used to rock the halls Freshman year… so I guess you could say I was before trend,” exclaims junior Audrey Snyder.

Other popular features include: mom jeans, checkered prints, sherpa jackets, and cold shoulder tops.


Say Goodbye

Q: If you could pick one trend from this past year to die, which one would you choose and why?

A: “Vans, because they’re over popular and everyone wears them,” says Jeniah Thompson, a junior at Carterville High School.


Q: What is one trend you believe should never come back in style?

A: “Low rise jeans should never come back in style,” junior Madelyn Shepard profoundly states.


New Year, New Trends

Only three months into the new year and we can quickly observe new trends that are coming into effect. Thinking back on past years, there has never been a day where you wake up and suddenly hate that shirt you once loved, instead, it is a gradual change as a result of conforming to society. People follow crowds and why would this be any less true in the fashion world?


Fashion Forecast

Trends predicted to come back in style this year:

Bell Bottom Pants

According to FashionUnited, Leopard Print and 1990 Nostalgia

“Silly bands,” exclaims Senior Haden Vaughn, who sports this fashion statement daily.  


Trends that are here to stay:

Black Leggings

Denim Jackets

Oversized anything


We look forward to all fashion the trends this new year has in store!