Sister James

Audrey Snyder, Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,introducing the one, the only, James Charles X Morphe pallet! As you have probably heard by now, this pallet is exploding all over social media!

This exquisite pallet has 39 beautiful shades such as daddy, a deep army green; flashback, a bright white shade based off of one of his biggest scandals; and tea. This pallet sends makeup gurus over the moon with ideas inspiring them to release their inner artist.

Some people say that some of James’s shadows/pigments have left stains on their skin due to the intense pigment. Personally, I have experienced this only with the hot pink shade called skip. (She tends to stain a little bit.)

Now let’s go to the experts and see what they have to say: Alexis Nolen says, “I really like this pallet; I love the colors, and they are very vibrant on the skin.” Jasmine Beckwith also explained, “The pallet is great, I just find that it sticks to your skin very easily, leaving stains”.

In conclusion, I think this pallet is a must-have for every beauty gurus makeup collection, and I suggest you spend the extra cash and add it to yours.