An Annual Tradition

Chloe Finn, Staff Writer

The season of love is among us once again, the most popular day being Valentines’ Day. Carterville High School has a tradition of giving back to the community, specifically, senior citizens, by hosting the annual Valentines Day Banquet. This year was the 13th year for the high school to host the beloved banquet.

The banquet took place on Friday, February 15th, 2019 and involved many clubs, organizations, and students in order for the success of the banquet. Lunch is served for the senior citizens, along with entertainment from the CHS Jazz Band, and the choir.

Senior Gabe Battiste was a server working through Interact Club, and when asked about his favorite part about being involved with the banquet, he said, “I really enjoyed talking to all of the guests and getting to know them.” When questioned about this being his last year helping with the banquet, he responded by saying, “It is kind of sad, in the past, I have played in the Jazz band or been a server. I have done everything. I am really going to miss it”.

Half of the entertainment for the senior citizens came from the Jazz Band. Junior Nicole Young has been a part of Jazz band for three years and was excited to be involved in this year’s banquet. When asked what her favorite part of the Jazz band and performing during the banquet, Nicole responded by saying, “I think my favorite part is seeing and experiencing the reactions from our audiences. I love being able to bring a little entertainment into someone’s day just by doing something I love(…)anyway.” When describing her favorite memory, she said, “My best memory is probably from this year’s banquet. We played Moonlight Serenade, which is a song that a lot of the attendees of the banquet would recognize, and I got to play the clarinet piece. Not only was I able to do something different and out of my comfort zone, but seeing how much the attendees loved hearing it was a special moment.” Nicole is already excited to perform as a senior for next year’s banquet.

Sophomore Annabelle Barnstable was involved with the banquet through Student Council, the main club associated with the banquet. Her role in the banquet was set-up, performing with the choir (who gave the senior citizens a preview of this year’s musical, Guys and Dolls), and then helping to manage the drink table during lunch. “My favorite part about working the banquet is getting to talk to all the elders. They are all so friendly and love to talk about almost anything!” Annabelle responded when questioned about her favorite part about being involved with the banquet. Annabelle worked the banquet last year as well, and can’t wait to work the banquet as an upperclassmen. When asked about her favorite memory, Annabelle said, “One memory that stuck with me from this year’s banquet is that a group of elders that I served at last year’s banquet remembered me! I was walking past their table and one of the old ladies said my name and reminded me and all her friends at her table that I had served them last year. It is so nice to know that the elders remember and have just as much fun as we do at the banquet.”

The banquet this year was a huge success thanks to all of the clubs and students involved with the banquet. Many senior citizens exclaimed that this year’s banquet was the best banquet there has ever been and are already counting down the days until next year’s banquet.