He’s Mean, He’s Green, and He’s Back in 2018!



Kelsey Mendoza, Staff Writer

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(The Grinch Spoiler Alert!!!)

A new version of The Grinch was released on November 9th, 2018. The movie stole Christmas back in 1966 then made a reappearance in 2000, and now he’s back again.

Benedict Cumberbatch, or as most people know him, Dr. Strange, is the voice behind The Grinch. In addition to that, Pharrell Williams was “Happy” enough to be narrator of the classic film. This version of The Grinch digs a little deeper into why the Grinch stole Christmas, and it captures more detailed aspects of the tale that weren’t discussed in the past films.

The Grinch is a mean, green, grumpy creature and the Who’s (citizens of  Whoville) aren’t even aware of who he is. Like everyone knows: The Grinch hates the singing, the dancing, and the joy down in Whoville, and in this film, like the rest, he plans to stop at nothing to put it all to an end.

Cindy-Lou Who is still a major part of the film, yet has no idea who The Grinch is. Cindy is a young citizen of Whoville with way too much freedom. She comes and goes within her home whenever she pleases, and her mother doesn’t seem to do much about it. In this 2018 rendition, Cindy’s character focuses more on what she wants for her mother instead of how she wants The Grinch to enjoy Christmas.

It’s clearly displayed that The Grinch had a lonely and sad childhood which is why he hates Christmas. Everyone in Whoville would enjoy Christmas each year, while The Grinch stayed in a sad orphanage with no one to love him.

In the past films, The Grinch grew up in Whoville with the rest of the Who’s where they made fun of him until he ran away to live alone in the mountain. However, in the new film, The Grinch ran away from the orphanage and only few people knew who he was.

The Grinch would also visit Whoville for food and other necessities. In this recent film, he is much nicer to his dog Max while being clean and fresh instead of gross and smelly.

The Grinch’s background and history was vividly displayed because it wasn’t something that was portrayed in the other films. 

This version is nothing compared to Jim Carrey’s 2000 version, but it is still put together nicely. Jim Carrey captures the role of The Grinch so perfectly. From the scratchy voice to his body language, everything fits together. The Grinch is a classic tale told by everyone for centuries and between all three versions no two are the same.

Dr. Seuss believed that, “There’s a little bit of The Grinch in all of us,” which is most certainly true.

Does The Grinch get away with stealing Christmas? Or will he grow into his heart? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!