Meet The Lions

Raegan Lewis, Staff Writer

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Meet the Lions took place on August 17, Friday 2018. It was an event at Carterville High School and multiple clubs, athletes, and students attended!

Meet The Lions starts off the school year with the intention of getting to know everyone and being able to see all the participants in clubs such as SLC, Carterville Crazies, Life Savers and more! Our sports teams, including our football, volleyball, and cross country teams, also attended.

“The atmosphere was just really positive and it was nice to see everyone showing school spirit,” says Angelina Frekitech, an active freshman who participated in the event. Other participating students include the publishing and yearbook staff, who took pictures of that spectacular night.

The band was also in attendance: “We played the school song and the star spangled banner at the beginning of Meet The Lions,” says Grace Harris, a former flute player. “It was definitely nerve-racking of course. We are doing a more dangerous show this year as opposed to year’s past, including tall wooden boxes, metal props, and a drop. Overall, this show is really exciting.”

Clearly, this year has started off just right with enthusiastic Lion Pride from the student sections, new freshmen included.