All The Reasons Why

Zakaria Jackson, Staff Writer

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By Zakaria Jackson

Many people have mixed opinions on 13 Reasons Why, the highly rated TV show known for its controversial message. Some say that it is one of their favorite shows, while others find that it is very predictable.

13 Reasons Why, originally a book written by author Jay Asher, became popular when the first season of the series debuted on March 31 of 2017. Season One has an eighty-one percent on Rotten Tomatoes with mostly positive reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes critic Kiera Allen, “It’s that attention to detail that makes this show incredibly binge-worthy because while dealing with the heavy subject matter, there’s still a bit of a mystery to figure out.” The  first season is one that takes it to the next level by making you want more as time goes on.

Unfortunately, the second season is a flop with a fifty-four percent drop in the ratings. Season two did not hold up to the legacy of the first season, making it hard for people to say anything positive. Another critic from Rotten Tomatoes says, “Because the first season covered the entire novel, this new batch of episodes attempts to keep the story going. There’s one fatal flaw, it really is just rewinding itself, going over everything that happened previously but with added twists.” Review after review say the same thing; the second season has little point and is just adding fillers.

Even though Season two has its flaws, it is still a good show to binge watch, and deserves all the attention it’s getting. Despite it not flowing very well, it’s one of the only shows that appeals to younger audiences that discusses sensitive situations. Somethings that it was able to talk about were suicide, bullying, and rape. When showing theses topics, the show actually represented what life is like for many teens. The whole time someone is watching it, their emotions change as the mood of the show does. The show feels close to home and is very relatable. The show makes the viewer feel as if they are a part of it. It has mystery, drama, love, and loss, and is worth your time.


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