Amayah Doyle: The Girl behind the Uniform

Amayah Doyle: The Girl behind the Uniform

The name Amayah Doyle has become well known in Southern Illinois and now beyond. Some may know her for her accomplishments in basketball, breaking multiple records this season. Others may know her for her ability to hit home runs or rocket a throw from third base to first. Most notably, Doyle, a senior at Carterville High School, has recently signed with the University of Tennessee to continue her softball career as a Volunteer. Despite her athletic accomplishments, she is much more than a dominant force in uniform. 

Amayah playing softball for the Carterville Lions.

Doyle says that her biggest support in her life is her family.

“My mom, dad, and my sister have all affected me in different ways,” she says, but her biggest support comes from her older sister, Alecia.

“She always inspires me to be the best version of myself. She is one of the most competitive, hardworking, and determined people I’ve known. She always motivated me, whether it be athletically or academically.”

Doyle’s mom has also played a huge role in her life. From sports, to school, or battling the emotions of juggling life as a student athlete, her mom is always there.

“We have a ‘best friend’ sort of relationship. I know I can talk to her. I know I can pour my heart out to her no matter what I’m going through. She comforts me, but she also pushes me further in everything that I do.”

Doyle says that her father plays a similar role in her life. He is an assistant pastor, so he helps guide her in spiritual ways as well.

“If I need some help with my walk with Christ, my dad is definitely my go-to person.”

Doyle says that together her parents have made a “perfect team” and have helped her in every step of her journey. 

Throughout the recruitment process, Doyle’s family has urged her to chase her dreams and did not let their personal feelings affect her decision on where to continue her career.

“They really let me navigate my way through it all. They didn’t want to put their input or give any restrictions.”

Doyle explained that they helped her keep her goals in mind as well as being “mindful of what [she] wanted and mindful of what [she] want[s] to major in.”

Her parents and sister were well-trained in the recruitment process seeing as they were and are D1 athletes. They provided a strong foundation for her to pursue her offers wisely. 

For softball, the recruitment process works a little differently than other sports. Colleges can start reaching out to prospective players starting September 1st of their junior year of high school. September 1st of Doyle’s junior year turned out to be a very exciting one.

“At midnight about 80 messages, calls, texts, and emails came through,” she said.

From there she had to decide what colleges to visit, and then ultimately decide which one to commit to. 

Universities and colleges lay out all the stops for their potential recruits. Between tours of athletic facilities, photoshoots, or tickets to some of the college’s biggest games of the year, athletes are pampered during their visits. Doyle attended the historic Tennessee vs. Alabama football game where the Vols took a win over the Crimson Tide for the first time in 15 years. Doyle says this game had a big impact on her decision between two of her possible schools. 

Amayah Doyle and her Tennessee teammate at the Tennessee vs. Alabama football game.

“The thing is that I asked God to help me decide what school to go to because I didn’t know which one. So, at the time I said to myself ‘Hey the team that wins, I’ll go there.’ I was just joking at the time in my head. But then Tennessee kicked a field goal it looked like it missed but then it whipped inside and everyone was going crazy”.

This field goal decided the outcome of the game, and Doyle took this as a sign. Even though it began as a joke, it was an exciting and emotional moment for her. 

The University of Tennessee was a strong contender for Doyle from the beginning. One reason it stood out was because of her family in Louisville, Kentucky and Georgia. Having support closer to Knoxville was reassuring for her.

Another aspect as to why Doyle loved at Tennessee was the atmosphere between the coaches and the players. She wanted a team with a strong family feeling and solid morals. Tennessee offered all of those. This school also offers her the major she wants to pursue, Healthcare Management. It became the perfect package for the next four years of her life. 

One thing Doyle wants people to know about her is that she owes all of her accomplishments to God.

She explains, “He is the head of my life, and I want people to know that this is just the gift he has given me. I’m using this gift so that I can glorify his name.”

She owes all of her love, joy, and peace to God, “I don’t want to be remembered by the records that I’ve broken, but I want to be remembered for the person that I was here and in my future.”

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