Lions Stomp on Tigers in Home Opener

Lions Stomp on Tigers in Home Opener

CARTERVILLE – The Carterville Lions Boys Basketball team defeated the Tigers 48-40 in a high-energy match-up Friday. It was the first home game of the season, and the Lions showed their opponents they meant business.

The first half was filled with fouls against the Lions, many of which allowed free throws. The Lions used the onslaught to their advantage, allowing them to gain momentum. The Lions led 25-14 going into halftime.

Junior Drew Barrington, led the team in points with 15, many of which came from free throws.

He said it felt “awesome” to be able to accomplish this feat.

He continued to say, “It was a big win and I thank my team for getting those opportunities in the beginning and towards the end.”

The second half was a hard-fought battle, with the Tigers slowly closing the gap. After the third, the Lions only led by 8 points, and the Tigers were still fighting to overcome the Lions.

Ultimately, the nail in the coffin for the Tigers was the two free throws made by Josh Waller after Herrin was assessed a technical foul.

The team will continue their season Tuesday in Pinckneyville. For more basketball and sports content, follow @CartervilleATH on Twitter and Instagram.


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