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Friday Chant Favorites!

CHS students talk about their fan favorites when cheering for their high school sports teams.
Jenna Stanley
Seniors supporting the last game of the season despite the cold!

Carterville High School is notorious for their fun and easy student chants. As football season ends and basketball begins, there is a wide variety of student section chant favorites. Students Gabe Landon, Abby Dorsey, Cameron Gossett, and Haven Watts tell their personal favorites Carterville Crazies chants during a game.

“Which way? THAT WAY!”

Senior Gabe Landon says, “I love this chant because it shows dominance not only on the field but in the student section as well. Plus, it’s always after a really good play!” Although football season is coming to an end, Gabe’s love for the chant does not disappear. The chant is called out by waving your arm towards the team’s end zone, goal, or basket. It is then immediately followed by yelling “Which way? THAT WAY!”


Junior Abby Dorsey tells her school personal favorite school chant to yell is “when basketball season starts, I look forward to my favorite chant, “Rebound.” I like this chant when everyone gets it right the first time. It’s fun to me.” The chant is started by the cheerleaders stomping their feet in a rhythm, then the fans cross their arms in a circular motion. Lastly, the chant wraps up with each letter being sund individually. Ending it with a “Let’s go, Lions!”


Sophomore Cameron Gossett said “This is my first year here at Carterville, but my favorite student section chant is the one that we do right before a kick-off. When it’s silent, a senior will go “Oh” 6 times, and then everyone joins in. It’s my favorite mainly, because it’s used in most schools, and I like that it does not change. It’s memorable!” To get the student section rallied up after a long game, senior chs students will start the instrumental chant by stomping their feet and clapping their hands. 


Freshman Haven Watts also added that picking a favorite chant was challenging. Watts said “That’s a hard question. I think my favorite one has to be the “Whoosh.” It’s so satisfying to hear, and I think it helps the ball get further!” Having this chant during a football game is important because it shows that the student section is paying attention. It is started by everyone raising their hand in the air as the kicker steps back about to punt. After they kic, when the ball is in the air, the students yell out “Whoosh,” mimicking the sound of the ball.

Carterville adapts their chants depending on every sport that is played, wether it be football, basketball, or a volleyball game. The Carterville High School student section known as the “Carterville Crazies” meets once a week or every other week to talk through the goals and themes for the upcoming events, through Snapchat or google classroom.

For any further questions about upcoming games please contact Cartervile Crazies Leader: [email protected]

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Jenna Stanley
Jenna Stanley, Staff Writer
Jenna Stanley is a junior  in Carterville High School and has been in HS Publications for 2 years now. A fun fact about Jenna is that, during her first year in High School Publications class, she was nominated as MVP Photographer of the year.  This year her goal is to capture moments to remember, not only for herself, but for her peers. She's ecstatic to be included in HS Publications again this year! #2024 #CaptureThis