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Staff Secrets Revealed

Kelsie Jennings, Staff Writer

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See if you can match the fact to the teacher!

  1. Mrs. Clark ____
  2. Mrs. Webb ____
  3. Señora Eaton ____
  4. Mr. Davis ____
  5. Mr. Diel ____
  6. Mrs. Siefert ____
  7. Mr. Clark ____
  8. Mr. Wakey ____
  9. Mrs. Burzynksi ____


A. “I won a belching contest and have the trophy to prove it.”

B. “I used to work for a newspaper.”

C. “I have personally met and have spoken with Jackie Kennedy Onassis.”

D. “I practiced gymnastics for nine years and was competitive for six.”

E.“I hate fettuccine alfredo.”

F. “I am a huge Denver Broncos fan. I have seen them play in 7 different cities.”

G.“From a small town- 26 in my graduating class.”

H.“I love to cook. My specialties are meatloaf, lasagna, chicken and noodles, spaghetti, vegetable soup, and shake n bake.”

I.“In 1st grade, I had a major surgery and the doctors only gave me a 50% chance for surviving.”














Key: 1. E  2. H  3. C  4. A

  1. F  6. D  7. I  8. B  9. G

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