Ruiz Furthers Carterville’s Success


Zech Miller, Sport Reporter


CARTERVILLE – The Carterville Lions played Mt. Vernon Rams on Monday and took absolute control of the game from the beginning. Freshman Alea Ruiz had the Lions on her back, netting a hat trick in the Lions 5-0 win.

To start off the game, the ball moved up and down the field, and it looked like the game could go back and forth between both teams until Ruiz scored her first goal of the night.

Minutes went by with no score at all, but then again we saw Ruiz score her second goal, making the score 2-0. Going into half, the Lions had a full head of steam and were not looking back.

Coming out of the half, the Lions started off with the ball and, with some great passes, led to third and final goal.

After that, the game was moving fast with goals by seniors Ella O’Brien and Madison Ripley. 

“It was cool and it felt good to score a hat trick as a freshman,” said Ruiz.

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