All Things Prom


CHS hosts annual promenade, prom, and after prom 2023 in theme of Enchanted Garden.

Amiah Grider, Staff Writer

By definition, prom is a formal dance held by a high school at the end of the academic year, typically for junior and senior students. Carterville High School offers additional activities besides the dance, which include promenade and an after prom party. Junior and senior students are allowed to invite underclassmen and out of town guests as long as their date meets the requirements set by the school. This year’s prom theme is Enchanted Garden. 

In regards to this year’s prom activities, senior Jessalynn Ballard said, “I am really looking forward to all of the events this year. I am excited to get ready for the memorable night of prom and see everything come together, especially wearing my new jewelry. For promenade, I am really happy to be able to go and walk with my date and make memories for our last possible year to do it. Of course, I am excited to have the possibility of winning prizes at after prom. I really enjoyed after prom last year and I am looking forward to having another good night to end an eventful day.”

Promenade takes place before the actual dance at 7pm, with line up at 6:45pm in the high school’s Bleyer auditorium. Students who choose to take part in promenade will walk out together with either their date or a friend.  The students will follow a walkway to match the theme of prom where they will get their picture taken at the end. Promenade is an event that both family and friends can attend. 

The junior class nominates 16 candidates, 8 boys and 8 girls, for the prom king and queen to be chosen from. The two selected will be announced during promenade. All attending are encouraged to participate in the promenade and show off their wonderful night’s look. 

The environment of prom is upbeat and full of positive spirit. This year, just as the previous year, prom is going to take place at White Pine Events Center. The venue will be decorated in the enchanted garden theme, thanks to our members of the Prom committee. Together they collaborated their ideas and made their vision come to life for students to enjoy. This location has an indoor area and an outdoor area. In both areas of the venue, there are sitting and standing options. 

At the dance, a DJ will be playing music from a playlist with hand selected songs put together by the committee. At prom there are snacks and drinks provided for all to enjoy. Along with many others, Camden Hicks (9) says, “I am most excited for the food. I really hope they have popcorn.” Prom will take place after the promenade from 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Prom is always a great high school experience to carry on and to bust out some moves.

The fun does not end with the dance. After prom is another event planned by the prom committee. This event is full of a variety of awesome activities including basketball, volleytennis, inflatables, video games, and movies. Just as prom there will be a variety of food and drinks provided. Along with this, there will be tons of prizes to win. By going to after prom, your name is entered into a drawing. Each name that is called will then be able to pick something out of the prizes. 

There are many different prizes that range from a PS5, airpods, coffee machine, gift cards, mini fridge, TVs and much more. After prom will be held at Carterville High School and will begin at 11:30pm and end at 2am. After prom is an experience for students to come together that will be remembered for years to come. 

All prom activities create great memories to take on and forever cherish. However, if an event does not appeal to one as much as another, they do not have to miss out. If they would rather go to prom and not after prom, they can pay for just a prom ticket and vis versa. All activities hosted by Carterville result in a great time and memories. If in a debate about the prom activities it is recommended to go and take in the experience.