Muscle Woman vs Guppy Slob


Khamari Jackson, Sport Reporter

My story is about a superhero named muscle woman, who saves the world from an evil villain named Captain Guppy Slob. He tries to hypnotize all the people of Wrestlemania into not eating well or working out. Muscle Woman is going to use the powers that she got from working out and eating well to destroy Captain Guppy Slob. She became a hero because there were many attacks on Wrestlemania, and nobody could save the city. The only thing is, if she gets any type of fatty food in her mouth…she will die.  

Once upon a time, there lived a superhero named Muscle Woman. She moved to a town called Slobtopia. In Slobtopia, people were forced to eat all bad foods like, donuts, cake, burgers, candy, (etc). They were ruled by an evil villain Captain Guppy Slob. The foods that they ate made them hypnotized. This made them want to make nothing of their bodies. They would watch tv, eat all day, and sleep most of the day. The muscular woman noticed immediately. She knew what she had to do. She had schemed that she would create a serum that would cause her not to get hypnotized by the foods. Captain Guppy Slob lived in a tall blue, rectangular-shaped building. She came day and night to see his work. It was hard to do this because there were bodyguards scattered around everywhere. She used her pull-up bar to knock some of the servants out. The day finally came when it was time to abolish the evil villain.  While Captain Guppy Slob was out in the city, hypnotizing the citizens of Slobtopia, Muscle Woman decided to sneak into his lair and create an alarm for the bodyguards that somebody was there. She used her super strength and flying powers to kill all the bodyguards, which left only her and Captain Guppy Slob left to fight. She went back and forth with him and finally hit him with one last hard hit to the face which knocked him out. She eventually helped all the people of Slobtopia learn to eat right and work out daily. She even changed the town name to Town Thrive a lot.