An “Eggcellent” Monday

Noah Sanchez, Staff Writer

The underclassmen run onto the field, eager to get as many eggs as possible.

CHS held its annual Easter Egg hunt Monday, April 2, 2023. Over 2,000 eggs were placed or hidden by the staff in a field outside of the school. During the classes corresponding advisory hour, all of the students were taken outside and lined up. When everyone was ready, the signal was given, and the swarm of students raced to get as many eggs as possible.

The eggs contained various different rewards. Some contained little pieces of candy, while some contained coupons including “Wear Pajamas to School,” “Wear a Hat,” or even “No Dress for PE.” A select few of the eggs even contained a gift card to McDonalds, or our local ice cream shop, the Downtown Dip. As soon as the challenge started, the area was flooded with students.

In just a few minutes, almost the entire field was completely cleared out, with only some egg shells scattered on the field. After the fun was over, everyone began to sit down, count their eggs, and collect the prizes inside. In the first hunt, some of the underclassmen also offered to place the remaining eggs for the upperclassman hunt. Unwanted egg shells, or husks that remained in the field, were also thrown away to prevent them from ending up outside or in the school.

After everyone counted their eggs and returned to the school, some students were asked what they thought of the hunt. Sophomore Alyssa Nausley remarked, “I liked the hunt and I think that the teachers did amazing at putting it together! I liked how there were gifts and candy and that some were hidden! Overall, it was really fun and creative.”

Noah Tabor, a senior who had attended it previously, said, “I really enjoyed the egg hunt because it was an awesome way to interact with other students and to do something exciting with my friends.” This shows how throughout the grades, older or younger, the event was enjoyed.

Freshmen Kaden Wilson stated, “I thought the hunt was pretty fun getting to see everyone have a good time.” As a new experience to him, this event was something to remember when looking back at his freshman year.

Overall, the hunt was positively looked upon, and by holding the event, the school was able to raise some money. This event was a fun gathering for students, and a nice tradition to look forward to in the upcoming years. It brought everyone together and raised the spirits of everyone through the fun it produced.