A Senior’s Survival Guide to Being a Freshman

Paige Mausey, Staff Editor

As the cure for senioritis gets closer as the year continues, seniors at CHS look back on the last four years of their high school careers and reflect on the highs and lows. Going into high school does not have to be a scary thing. It’s not going to bite you in the butt, unless you don’t keep moving. The following tips and tricks from fellow seniors and wishful advice for underclassmen is your guide to surviving the next four years of high school.

Beware of the hallways and stairs. They won’t teach you this in Driver’s Ed, but if you don’t treat them as a road, you might get in a wreck. Standing in the middle of the hallway or walking on the left side could result in getting trampled or yelled at. Make sure to keep to the right and “walk fast,” as senior Abby Banovz would say.

Walking through the parking lot? Lookout for the rambunctious teenagers speeding into the parking lot two minutes before the bell rings. There is no safe spot in this zone. It’s every man and woman for themselves. The seniors claim the first row and side parking lot. Make sure to proceed with extra caution in those areas because the will for seniors to go to school gets smaller every day. They simply do not care.

Need a friend who is just as enthusiastic about Lord of the Rings as you are? Mr. Coleman is your kind of teacher. Senior Trinity Roland says to “make sure you become friends with Mr. Coleman.” He loves his dog, Frodo, just as much as the Lord of the Rings. He will always be there to talk to you about anything, movies, homework, or life.

The high school may seem like never ending hallways when it comes to finding your classes on time as a freshman. Don’t sweat it running through the halls. “It’s not that hard to remember where classes are,” sophomore Haley Banovz says. Running in the halls only adds to the freshmen title.

“Power hour can be difficult to navigate,” senior Eli Morse says. With club meetings, academic support, and multiple places to eat lunch, there is a lot going on. You may see some odd sights such as flying shoes or bananas, but you will get used to it. Just make sure you are not the one throwing the shoes, bananas, or anything else for that matter. 

In all seriousness, high school is going to fly by. Graduation will be here before you know it, so make sure you try to enjoy the last years you have with your friends before going separate ways. One bad grade does not dramatically impact your future and determine your worth, and taking dual credit classes now will make your future college career slightly easier. Just remember to put yourself out there and try new things because everyone is still trying to figure out who they are at this point in their life.

A group of freshmen boys pose for their picture to be taken in English class before the bell rings.