eSports Team Make Their Mark on History


Sam Rausenberger, Sport Reporter

The Carterville eSports team played their first match on Wednesday and Thursday night. Smash Bros Team 1 (Branden Staffey, Coleman Trant, Manny Valdes), Mario Kart Team(Brock Sisk, Branden Staffey, Giana Cudworth, Rylan Scott), and Rocket League Team (Chris Bates, Manny Valdes, Haydn Inman) took home wins, while Smash Bros Team 2 (Makayla Ripley, Adam Foster, Max Clark) and Smash Bros Team 3 (Cosmo Gustavson, Adrien Parkhill, Dylan Kierbs) lost their respective games. 

Smash Bros Team 1 took the victory 2-0 in their best of three match. This win over Westville High School is the first official win in the history of Carterville eSports. Senior Captain, Coleman Trant, was a part of this historic feat.

We felt absolutely ecstatic when we won, we hyped each other up all the time and it was an amazing match. We knew we would win, we love playing. At times it was looking tough, but we pulled through. I couldn’t ask for a better team!” said Trant.

Smash Bros Team 2 and 3 both lost their matches 0-2. Regardless of the loss, Head Coach Noah Coleman still felt optimistic about the teams’ future.

The Smash Squads performed valiantly against some tough competition in week one. Squad one had a clean sweep winning four games to defeat  Westville High School. Squads two and three had very close matches of their own as they fell to Hoopstown and Belleville West. They all worked hard and we’re already focused on next week.” said Coleman.

The Mario Kart Team swept Patrick Catholic High School 2-0 in their best of three match. Led by Senior Captain, Brock Sisk, the team looked unstoppable.

“We stayed in first, second, and third in most of the races. I think we need to work on our call-outs during the races, but overall I would say we did very well for our first race. We took the dub and I’m proud of our performance.” said Sisk.

The Rocket League Team also swept their opponent, Donovan Senior High School, 3-0 during their match. 

After a very history and successful first match, having their Smash Bros Team 1, Mario Kart Team, and Rocket League Team sweeping, the Carterville eSports team is ready to take on their next opponents on February 22nd and February 23rd. Opponents will be determined on the day of the match.

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