Competition for a Cause


CHS’ Hosts their annual penny war.

Amiah Grider, Staff Writer

Every year, CHS’ FCCLA hosts their annual Penny War. This year, it will be from February 21st through March 3rd. Not only is this type of war always fun and competitive, all of the funds go to an amazing cause. The Penny War annually raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude treats childhood life-threatening diseases such as cancer. The miracles that happen come with a special promise as stated on their website, Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.” 

Senior Brittni Chin proudly shares “I think it’s really cool that our school does something to support St. Jude.” Hosting the Penny War aids their mission and many smiles of children and their families. Stephanie, a mom of patient Aspen from St. Jude’s website, announces publicly “We’re all here to help one another… when we are together we can make things happen.”

When students arrive at school on February 21st, they may notice teachers have clear containers in their rooms. Every teacher that has an advisory class will have one somewhere visible in their rooms, no hiding! Mrs. Blumenstock, sponsor of FCCLA, states “Everyone needs to keep those containers in plain sight to keep it fair.” Both students and teachers will have access to the containers. 

Whether it is your own advisory or another, you can add either pennies or a cash amount for positive points. Each penny is one point, one dollar is 100 points, a five dollar bill would be worth 500 points, a 10 dollar bill would be 1,000 points and so on. (simplify 100 points per dollar). If students see a container doing a little too well for their liking they can add in silver coins! Silver coins deduct points from the advisory’s total. Nickels remove 5 points, dimes remove 10 points and a quarter removes 25 points! 

There will be two different ways to win:

1) The advisor with the most positive points

2) The advisor with the most money. Winners receive a prize! Student senior Samantha Cox makes mention “I’m excited for this year, I know Mr. Wilhelm is very excited to win the Penny War.”

In previous years, the war FCCLA has hosted, resulted in great success. This year however, they have a goal. Speaking for FCCLA, Mrs. Blumenstock states “We would like to break our record by getting around the amount of $2,200.”

If you have any change laying around, FCCLA encourages you to participate in this year’s penny war! And remember to keep a close eye out for those containers!