The Unspoken Rules


Jenna Stanley, Staff Writer

There are numerous clubs at Carterville High School, but many of their rules are unfamiliar to students who are just joining. The Carterville Crazies club is one of the biggest clubs. Having several unforgettable games and rallies, the club has grown to 30+ members.

“Expressive colors all over the place. The unwashable orange and blue coursing through our veins. Cheers and tears are in the crowd. That’s what Carterville Crazies are all about” says junior Gabe Landon stated. To ensure that the newcomers understand the value of respect, leadership, cleaning up after oneself, keeping to dress requirements, and participating, the senior members share the organizations general rules:

Don’t Be Disrespectful- It’s important to know that students at Carterville High School don’t tolerate disrespect in or out of the games. People are there to watch a game, not hang around with some unruly teenagers. They are strong believers that showing respect on the stands is showing respect to the game itself. Sophomore Parker Poole says “Once the game is done, the talk is done.”  

Seniority is on top – As a senior ran organization, it’s important for beginners to know that the seniors are powerful, in front, and ultimately in charge. “I think seniority is something that we all look forward to throughout the first three years of high school. When our senior year comes around we get the chance to lead on the underclassmen no matter where it is. In the classroom, in the hallway, and even in the benches as a Carterville Crazies” said senior Maryn Vaughn. Due to the seniors being the oldest in the club, they are responsible for setting an example for the underclassmen.

The Aftermath- It’s known that most people go to games because of the atmosphere, the sport, and the food, but once the environment has been tampered with, that experience is gone. The group believes that the clean-up rule needs to be promoted more because of its importance. “We have lacked [that] in the previous years but want to brush up on this rule, because our cleaning up rule shows that we have respect for ourselves and others ” says freshman Khamari Jackson. The Carterville Crazies considers the benches a second home and the club hopes the fans do too.

 Dress Code –The colors worn in the student section are essential to representing the school spirit and pride in our team. Sophomore Alex Kimbrough says that “when we show up to show out, our group is undefeated. And if you are not in your team’s theme, you are not that guy. ” In other words, this is why the organization has frequent meetings during power hour to discuss the theme, color, and props for the upcoming games. It’s important to show love and support in every way possible.

Participation- Carterville Crazies are considered to be 120% participation, maybe even more. A team of students that work together to create an enthusiastic, static atmosphere for the players on the field or court. “Participation is important because it controls the atmosphere of the game and in the end, it changes the attitude of the team” says senior Ashlyn Harris.

The Carterville Crazies as a team, group, squad, crew, and family are there to represent their school, in every way it comes. This organization meets once a week or every other week to talk through the goals and themes for the upcoming events. The group is assisted by Mrs. Bittle. If you are interested in participating in this organization, contact Mrs. Bittle at [email protected].