Clue: A Fall Play Review


Bryson Edwards (12) in rehearsing for his role as Wadsworth.

Gabe Landon, Managing Editor

Two weekends ago, Carterville High School put on their annual Fall Play, this year’s production was Clue. Performances took place on Friday, December 2, and Sunday, December 4 in the Timothy Bleyer Auditorium. Clue is a comedic twist on a classic murder mystery. Based on the hit board game, be prepared for the unexpected to happen as you follow characters such as Wadsworth, Colonel Mustard, Mrs.White, and many more. Clue was chosen as the play this year due to the diverse cast needed. Mr. Josh Hall, one of the directors, said that he felt “this year, I truly had the cast that was needed to pull a fun show like Clue off.”  

This year, many new students decided to participate in the play as a new way of getting involved. Students such as senior Faith Wetherington decided to audition as a rite of passage for her final year of high school. Wetherington was double-cast in the role of Mrs.Peacock. When looking back on the experience, she says, “It was a really great experience. I decided to step out of the box this year and do something, and I’m very glad I did. I had such a fun time with all of the cast and crew, and it was a great time for my senior year!”

While there were many new cast members this year, there were also many returning faces to the stage. Senior Charlie Howerton has participated in the play for the last 3 years, having multiple lead roles. This year in Clue, Howerton played Colonel Mustard, the comedic airhead of the cast. Now that his last year has come to an end, Howerton is “Obviously, really sad. However, I’m really happy with the impact that I’ve left on the CHS theater community. I’ve created so many memories and made so many friends over the past three years I’ve been involved in the play. I can’t wait to come back over the next few years to watch future productions.” 

While this year’s fall play had one less performance than in the past, it is safe to say it was a hit among all ages. Multiple school shows were held for the first time since the Covid-19 Pandemic, and most of the cast and crew would agree that having their fellow classmates see the production was the highlight of the entire weekend. After months of hard work and very evident success during the weekend, students at Carterville High School are very excited to see what the future holds for the Carterville Theatre Department.