Tis’ The Season

Rylee Davis, Staff Writer

With the holidays right around the corner, students and their families are preparing for all the festivities. Christmas traditions are a staple for some people when getting ready for the celebration. Families partake in many activities such as but not limited to movie marathons, baking cookies, decorating the house, family games, and more. Not everyone has traditions, and some may have certain things they participate in depending on their religion.

Students shared some of their unique and exciting traditions they do every year. Senior Erin Gaddis says, “Every year my family and I set time aside to decorate our Christmas tree together to get ready for the holidays. It’s a fun tradition and a good way to spend time with my family before the Christmas rush.” This is a more common tradition that appears in most students’ lives, but nevertheless still a fun one.

Junior Regan Eigenrauch said, “My whole family likes to sit down and watch Christmas Vacation each year.” While senior Olivia Russel mentioned that her grandma always used to give her and her sister advent calendars filled with chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas. Russell said however we don’t still have that tradition today, it’s always a good memory to look back on.

Watching movies and decorating can be more common traditions, but senior Zander Smith told about a rather unique Christmas tradition his family had. “My family and I play “Find the Pickle on the Christmas Tree.” It’s where someone hides a pickle ornament on our family tree, and on Christmas morning when we wake up the first person to find it gets an extra little gift as a prize!” What a fun tradition and exciting game to incorporate into the holiday. 

Even teachers have Christmas traditions, English teacher Mr.Cure shares his tradition with his family, “Each year instead of buying everyone a gift my siblings, their spouses, my wife and I all pitch in all the money we would normally spend on each other and divide it evenly. Then we each draw a name and spend the money on that person. It’s a lot of fun and a lot less stressful than buying separate gifts for everyone!”

Traditions can come in all forms and sizes, from decorating houses or cookies, mini games, or gift giving games, traditions are fun bonding experiences for family and friends. The holidays bring people together and create memories and traditions that can last for years. Happy holidays!