Top Liked and Disliked Foods at CHS

Noah Sanchez, Staff Writer

Many kids complain about school lunch and how bad it is, and sure, some of the food our school serves isn’t the greatest, but some of it is actually pretty good.

DISCLAIMER:  In this article, you will see the results of a survey answered by 50+ students from all four grade levels at CHS. Only the top 3 most liked and disliked are shown, which are picked out using the percentage of “Like” answers (ex: 73.4% like ____) This survey could be inaccurate, as a few students disliked everything. These results are just according to the information provided by the Google Form.

Most liked:


#1: Chicken Strips

What a surprise. Not! The good old classic, the chicken strip. Let’s be fair, most of us will still go to a restaurant and get some of them. They’re just so unnecessarily good for no reason. With a whooping 69.8% of students saying they like it, and only 11.3% saying they dislike it, the chicken strips won the top position by a landslide. When asked, Sophomore Aiden Emery said he enjoys chicken strips because he likes to “dip them in sweet and sour sauce.” 


#2: Italian Dunkers

Mozzarella Sticks’ long lost cousin. Dough and cheese, it’s simple but somehow CHS likes it more than most of the other options. But hey, cheese makes almost anything better, and the mix of soft dough and creamy cheese makes this a good meal to eat any time of the day. With 66% of students claiming to like it and only 20.8% disliking it, this course is a solid runner up.


#3: Tangerine Chicken

What do you know, Chicken is the third on the list too! Classic chicken dunked inside sweet Tangerine sauce with the perfect amount of spice, just the thought of this delicacy could make someone hungry. And it’s not a surprise why it made it this high in the list. Out of 50+ surveyed, 62.3% said they like this meal, contrary to the 24.5% who say otherwise, putting it at number 3. Sophomore Alex Kimborough, said “Orange Chicken, because it is superior to all other chickens.”


Most disliked:

#1: Philly Cheese Steak Sub

A simple sub consisted of beefsteak and cheese lathered on top, this meal is the number 1 disliked meal at CHS, with 64.2% of students disliking it, and only 18.9% saying otherwise, this sub is definitely not something most would enjoy eating if given the choice. Senior Rylee Davis said, “The bread is terrible and it’s always hard, and I just don’t think cheese belongs on steak, and steak doesn’t belong in a sub.”


#2: Buffalo Chicken Hot Pocket

A hot pocket stuffed with chicken, buffalo sauce, and cheese, it is a clear challenger to first place, and it’s quite coherent why. At that point, just go to the salad line. This course is, let’s be honest, something most of us would get rid of in a heartbeat. With a large 62.3% of people disliking it and a contrast of 17% who do like it, this food is not a positively received lunch.


#3: Sloppy Joe

Ground beef, onions, tomato sauce, and bun. This meal just isn’t made very well. They are also a little TOO “sloppy” as there are usually messes left on tables afterward. 58.5% of kids stuck to disliking this food, with a small 22.6% liking it. This has potential, but as of right now, they remain on top of the disliked list.