Lions Stay Undefeated & Head to Round Three


Regan Eigenrauch, Sports Reporter

CARTERVILLE – The Lions took on the Coal City Coalers Saturday afternoon in Round 2 of the IHSA 4A playoffs. The Lions came out on top with a 22-0 win. 

During the beginning of the game, Lions Field acted as a wind tunnel, resulting in multiple exchanges of possession. The first points scored were from sophomore Riley Crain with a 23-yard field goal, bringing it to 3-0 in favor of the Lions. 

There was only one other score in the first half, which came on the ground from senior Bryce Smith. The Lions would enter the locker room leading 9-0 at the half. 

With the wind gusting throughout the game, both offenses were struggling to move the ball. Lions defense took advantage of this and senior Elijah Mohring came out with 9 solo tackles. On top of Mohring’s individual success, the defense forced 3 turnovers to help the offense get going. 

Once the offence started to roll, the Lions put up 9 points in the first half as well as 2 touchdowns from Smith and an extra point from Crain.

This win moves the Lions forward to 11-0 on the season. They will play Rochester on November 12 at 1:30 on Lions field for the quarterfinals.