The Return of Mr. Clark


Mr. Clark posing for a photo before he starts his AP Calculus class.

Gabe Landon, Managing Editor

This year, Mr. Keenan Clark returned to Carterville High School after taking an assistant principal position at Carterville Intermediate School for three years. When he saw that a position in the math department was once again open, he jumped on it. While he has taught many different classes in the last 25 years as an educator, he is currently teaching AP Calculus to Seniors, Algebra II to Juniors, and Algebra 1+ to Freshman.

When asked what made him want to return to CHS, Mr. Clark stated, “I missed the daily positive interactions with the students and the people here at CHS. Though I enjoyed being a principal, the teaching profession is my passion, so I wanted to get back to where I spent most of my career.” 

Mr. Clark has been working at CHS since 2003, which means that he has been able to see the school grow and change. He was here for the transition from the old high school, where he worked for 10 years, to our current one, where he is currently in his sixth year. He has also been here for countless teachers retiring or leaving, and even more teachers being hired. In the three years that Mr. Clark was away at CIS, nearly 10 new teachers have joined the staff at CHS.

Junior Ashlyn Ward said that her favorite part of Mr. Clark’s class is how “he never gives any homework and is able to teach us everything we need to know in class. Along with no homework, he is able to create a fun environment where students feel comfortable and safe.” 

Other students agree with Ward, such as Senior Ella O’Brien. O’Brien shared her thoughts about Mr. Clark’s class and what she likes about it. She stated, “My favorite thing about Mr. Clark’s teaching style is how dynamic it is. He does not have a strict schedule for us to stick to and he is able to make sure everyone has a firm understanding of what we are learning before we move on. He is also pretty funny and, in his classroom, every lesson is fun.”

While Mr. Clark is excited to be back in the classroom teaching this year, he said, “There were some adjustments to make. Due to various circumstances (Covid-19), a few things at CHS have changed while I was away.” 

Mr. Clark has been a longtime staff member for Carterville District 5, and after three years at CIS, the student body is happy to welcome him back to the teaching staff at CHS. You often will be able to find Mr. Clark standing outside his room in the math hallway talking to Mr. Towers and greeting his students with a friendly smile!