Artist Spotlight: Taylor Nolan


CHS art class was given a task to take a picture of themselves and make half of it animated. You can see in this photo that Nolan put a lot of time and thought into this art piece.

Ileona McGee, Staff Writer

Taylor Nolan, a junior at Carterville High School, is an artist that should not be unnoticed. Nolan is known to be a very artistic person. Her art is also very unique. Nolan went from drawing dragons and dinosaurs to drawing shaded “ugly” and “creepy” creatures like clowns. 

Nolan started art in kindergarten. One thing that helped her figure out what kind of art she likes was building off her interests. She believes that she has improved with time. “I love to draw, and love to make things” said Nolan. Being a part of art club and class has given Nolan a chance to share her art work which, according to Mr. Breeden, everyone loves.

When Nolan draws, she draws straight from her head. Nolan said “When I draw my art I imagine it then start to draw.” CHS art teacher Mr. Breeden says “you never know what to expect from Nolan because she has such an imagination.”

Art has also taught Nolan that she can be really creative and that anyone can make anything no matter what skills you have, because in the end “you can’t get worse at art you can only get better” said Nolan. Additionally, Nolan says “you can make your own spin on everything. You just have to use your imagination.”

Nolan’s art is truly special. For example, she shows through her art that no one person is the same and that everyone is different and that is okay. “I think she tries to express that she’s different, that it’s okay she’s weird but in a cool way” said junior Ava Vasicek.