Lions Ran the Ram’s Home


Jada Outland, Sports Reporter

CARTERVILLE-  The Lady Lions Soccer team hosted the Mt. Vernon Rams and ended the night with a 7-0 win on Monday, May 2. 

The first half was played mostly on the offensive side by the Lions with only a few shots on goal by the Rams. The Lions scored three goals in the first half alone, with multiple shots on goal. 

The first goal was made by Audri Strothman (SR) at minute 26:19. Not too long after, Ella O’Brien (JR) had a goal that snuck right passed the goalie making it 2-0. The last goal in the first half was scored by junior Rylee Davis with only 19.4 seconds left on the clock.

The second half started off quick and continued to be an offensive game for the Lions, but they did allow a few more shots on goal from the Rams. Goalie Sydney Stuck (SR) did not let a single one pass by.

Only two minutes into the second half, Davis scored another goal off of a free-kick that was earned by the Lions. A few minutes later at minute 32:27, sophomore Sydne Congardio scored the Lion’s fifth goal of the night. At minute 26:49 Hillary Siemer netted the sixth goal of the game from the 20-yard line. At 8:41 O’Brien scored the final goal bringing the Lions a 7-0 win.

Having played this game entirely in the rain Siemer shared her thoughts on how her style changes when playing in the rain.

“Playing in the rain makes the ball move way faster so you have to pass it more and think quicker. You also have to pass it lighter since the ball moves so fast and has a good touch because the ball will spin a lot.”

The Lady Lions Soccer team will play again in Centralia at 4:30. If you wish to keep up with the Lady Lions soccer and other spring sports, check us out @CartervilleAth on Instagram and Twitter.