A Musical of Holy Proportions


The cast during a production, where Jesus (River Costin) is scolding a group of people (Various cast) for being harsh to a well meaning person (Grace Arnett).

Nathan Rogers, Staff Writer

Carterville High School’s production of Godspell came and went on April 10th. Godspell is a musical retelling of the historic gospel of Matthew in the Christian bible. The musical follows Jesus and his disciples over the period of his preaching to his crucifixion. It is a fun mix of 70’s style and religious spirit, and a true ride. 

Junior Hannah Lavender said, ”This was a super fun one to watch, and I am glad I was on crew to help.” Trey Dillon, a former CHS attendee is quoted saying, “It was great. I liked Wicked a lot and Stephen Schwartz did the music for that too.”

It has been cited as having been the “best musical presented at Carterville High School,” according to multiple students, including Evie Aschemann, Leioni Bickett, Grace Arnett, and more. 

River Costin, who played Jesus Christ, said “I have not had more fun during a production before, I was ecstatic that I was picked to be the lead.”

Noah Jarvis, who played Judas, said “Yeah, it turned out really well.”

Olivia Rogers, who played Mary Magdalene, said “I’ll be really sad to not be able to come back and do the next one, but I’m happy I got this musical for the rest of my life.”

The director, Mrs. Zimmermann had this to say about her first show here at CHS, “This was amazing. Everyone did so, so super well. I encourage everyone that wants to try, to try. We have had a ton of fun and we have such an amazing space to have fun in.”