Abbygail Ballard (9) collecting eggs at the CHS Egg Hunt event on April 7th outside the front lawn. Ballard says, “The egg hunt was a fun event and I am glad I got to collect some prizes along the way.”

Hailey Bolen, Staff Writer

This year, Interact Club and SLC have collaborated to host a school-wide Easter Egg Hunt. The hunt took place outside the school’s front yard. Many students were able to participate, and they received a variety of prizes to use during the school year.

Interact Club Leader, Mrs.Martin had originally gotten an idea of an Egg Hunt in her Interact club meeting. “During our club meeting, the students discussed hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for the Tri-C students. But then we got the clever idea of organizing a High School Egg Hunt for the students. I thought they were joking at first, but they insisted it would be so wonderful because we hadn’t done something like this before” says Martin.  

Mrs.Martin decided to have Mrs.Dawson and SLC involved in the Egg Hunt. “Mrs.Dawson and I teach right next to each other and we are very good friends. So, we thought this would be a great opportunity to work with SLC and Interact students together” responds Martin. Both teachers decided to find different types of prizes for the students such as a free hat day, no-dress for pe day, types of different gift cards, spin the wheel in the office, 3 minute early dismissal to lunch, and several different types of candy.  

The week of the hunt, the first three days were rained out. The teachers decided to have the underclassmans egg hunt on a Thursday, and the upperclassmen egg hunt on the following Monday outside on the front lawn of the school. As 250 students lined up at the starting line, Freshman Natalia Ward was very nervous the day before the hunt. She says, “Throughout the week there had only been two students sign up in our advisory. But, once I went to the starting line, there had been more people than I thought there would be and I am glad for that.” 

Junior Noah Williams, another student, comments on the hunt by saying, “I was so excited to sign up for the egg hunt, and even though I didn’t get many eggs, I had a great time.” “It was cool to have the school do something new, because we had never done an egg hunt at the high school before and made me feel like a kid again on Easter morning” Williams adds.

Overall, this year’s Egg Hunt was a success with many students participating in this event. Many students loved the fact of having one and hope to have one next year. Freshman Nevaeh McClellan explained her reasoning on why we should have one next year. “Even though I did not participate in this event, it was fun watching the people who did and seeing them having to compete with one another.”

In the end, the egg hunt had been a really fun event for students and staff members in the school. Without Mrs.Martin’s idea, the Egg Hunt would not of have happened. Thanks to Mrs. Martin many students were able to feel like a little kid again.