Fight for Pennys


The Carterville High School flyer of the penny war ran by FCCLA.

Alyssa Nausley, Staff Writer

At Carterville High School, FCCLA (Ms. Schoonover and FCCLA members) run the penny war. The penny war is a fundraiser, and it supports St. Judes Hospital. The Penny War happens every year at many schools. Carterville FCCLA last year raised 2,000 and this year, we raised 1,311.  Junior Allie Stewart says, “Yes, I have participated in the penny war. Yes, it is important because it raises money for St. Judes. Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

At Carterville High school, collection buckets are passed out to advisory teachers for kids to put in their pennies. Carterville FCCLA also made it so that if any student puts in silver coins it takes out classes points. There is a trophy passed out to the winning class that wins the competition and is also rewarded with a pizza party.  FCCLA member junior Angelina Levins says, “ Yes, I have participated in this. Raising money for St. Judes is important because it helps pay for cancer patients, medical bills, and wigs for people who can’t always afford everything.”

FCCLA teacher Ms. Schoonover says, “Pennies and dollars count as points.  Putting silver coins in takes away points.  Last year we raised $2,000 for St. Judes…so I hope that we beat that this year!  I am more than happy to put some silver coins in another teacher’s container to take away points…LOL.  I think the penny war is very important.  The obvious reason is the money goes to St. Judes.  Besides that, the students and teachers seem to have a lot of fun with it.  Some get very competitive.  We all need to have a little fun at school these days! FCCLA members and myself spend a lot of time counting all of the change…but the cause is worth it!” 

All in all, the penny war isn’t about winning it is about helping others in need.