Artistic Spotlight: Jennifer Zhang


CHS Freshman Jennifer Zhang drew a portrait of a classmate in her free time with great detail and use of shading.

Nevaeh McClellan, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

Jennifer Zhang, a freshman at CHS, is an artist that should be acknowledged for her artistic skills. Jennifer is known to be really good at drawing, and she uses her own style of art. She normally draws people, which seems to turn out really good for her, but she used to draw animals. She also never uses any photo as a reference to help her out on drawing whatever she wants to draw. CHS Art teacher, Mr. Breeden says, “Jennifer Zhang is a great student to have in my art class, she has always been cooperative in my class and always makes outstanding artwork.”

Jennifer has been in art class for many years now, and she believes that she has improved in many of her artistic skills. Until Jennifer got into high school, she had not gotten to experience making clay figures, using paints, or shading. “Back in 6th and 7th grade, I never used paint and never worked with pottery before, so it has been nice to do something I haven’t experienced before,” replied Jennifer.

After finding her love for art, Jennifer decided to participate in the CHS Art Club. While being a part of Art Club, Jennifer has gotten to make pieces for the Fall Play. She helped make the props and sets.  Whenever she does this, she really enjoys the time she has making these props and many other things. “Getting the chance to make things for the school plays is really interesting to me, and I would do it more often when given the chance,” said Jennifer.

In addition, Jennifer is really skilled in making portraits of people in her own style. Her art style seems to be kind of cartoonish but also human-like as well. “I find Jennifer’s artwork to be really good; I honestly love watching her sketch whenever she’s in art class with me,” said Peyton Harris. 

One thing that Jennifer does in her spare time is drawing. It helps Jennifer from being bored and keeps her busy. Right now, she’s trying to get into digital art. “Drawing stops me from being bored, and it also seems to be really calming to me, but right now, I have been trying to learn digital. It’s really fun doing it and trying something new,” said Jennifer. 

Overall, Jennifer is truly talented when it comes to making art or doing something that has to deal with art. At the end of the day, Jennifer is going to have a successful road ahead of her for being an artist.