What’s in your Backpack?

Fallon Carney, Staff Editor

How heavy is your backpack? While some students may say their backpack is about 5 pounds, others might answer with 15 pounds. The contents of every student’s backpack varies, and while most people would say they have normal school related items in their backpack, every so often one will find something unusual inside.

While going through her backpack, junior Kayce Glenn found nail glue. Glenn was asked why she had nail glue in her backpack and she answered with “well, I had acrylics at school and I had a fear of them breaking off. So I put two nail glue bottles just in case, and I actually ended up using it.” She said they were cheap press on nails and she was afraid one would pop off in strength. Glenn also stated that it is good to have just in case you break a nail in class.

When it comes to getting hungry at school, students like Hannah Cain (11) and Alex Kimbrough (9) like to be prepared for any food emergency. Cain keeps forks in her backpack while Kimbrough has a pack of two year old frosted flakes in his. When Kimbrough was asked why he keeps them, he answered with, “I would love to give you some funny backstory on why I have two year old Frosted Flakes in my backpack, but in reality I’m just too lazy to clean my backpack.”  While laziness may be the cause for cereal in this backpack, being prepared comes in handy. 

Some students at CHS have admitted to having even more obscure things in their backpack. Akon Qiu (10) reports have stain remover pens in his. Qiu told us he likes to keep a stain removing pen in his backpack just in case he or someone he knows spills something on themselves. “I got one because I spilled something on my white shirt before a trip and it has scared me ever since.” Other students including Hailey Bolen (9) also like to be prepared. Bolen said she likes to keep a hairbrush and extra hair ties in her backpack just in case her or a friend needs one throughout the day. 

Whether they like to be prepared or are just too lazy to empty out their bag, having rather unusual and unthought of items in your backpack can prove to be helpful throughout the school day.