Schools Back: Anxiety Rises

Nevaeh McClellan, Staff Writer

As the first semester at CHS begins many students are having a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle of once again attending school from 8:00 am to 3:05 pm five days a week. Due to longer hours, some students have begun to feel anxiety revolving around school. 

Hailey Bolen (9) has said a few words about how the school has led her anxiety to kick in. “I sometimes get confused on the homework,” Bolen says, ”I always get called on in the middle of class by a teacher and my anxiety kicks in, because I feel like I might say the wrong thing.”

A few students such as Malachi Mcgee (9), Peyton Harris (9), and Landon Welge (9), have reported feeling overwhelmed as they take on freshman year. Not getting all of the assignments done causes students to get stressed out and makes them feel like they won’t be able to get caught up.

Aleksei Morozov/iStock

However, there are many ways a student can deal with stress or anxiety if they are experiencing it during a class. One thing someone can do is take deep breaths and try their best to calm down. Another way to calm down is by doing something one enjoys. Peyton Harris (9) says, “Some ways that I cope with my anxiety is by listening to music and playing video games.” The methods a person uses are up to each individual themselves. Do not be afraid to reach out to a friend or family for help if anxiety is causing a lot of trouble. 

With mental disorders, it is important to acknowledge issues and find solutions. This can be done through things as simple as regular sleep, exercise, or even downloading a relaxation app.