The Return of the Fair Festivities


Paige Mausey, Staff Editor

With many restrictions for Covid-19 being lifted for the summer, the DuQuoin State Fair was able to take place unlike last year. The 2021 fair came with many concerts that had stands filled with eager fans ready to get back to their shows. Many CHS students attended the fair, as well as several of the concerts.

The stage performances kicked off Saturday August 28th with En Vogue, followed each night by a different artist. The lineup continued with REO Speedwagon, Hardy, Ludacris, Riley Green, JJ Grey and MOFRO, and Jamey Johnson.

Students such as seniors Eesha Gowda and Madeline Liss attended the Riley Green concert on Wednesday, September 1st after school. Gowda expressed her feelings about the concert by saying, “Going to see Riley Green was one of the best nights since Covid began! I was able to feel like everything was normal and enjoy the night with great people! I am so grateful I was able to experience some of my favorite songs in person and make new memories!”

Along with the concerts, the fair consisted of many rides and food stands just as it has in past years. Junior Hannah Lavender attended the fair not only once, but twice. Lavender was excited to be able to experience the fair this year. She described her experience by saying, “It was a lot of fun, and a time where we could experience normalcy for a bit. Nobody was wearing masks, everyone was laughing and having fun together. It was a great experience, although I did almost puke numerous times from all of the rides.” 

Not all attendees of the fair engaged in their normal fair-going activities. Some students avoided the rides due to Covid, but still found entertainment in walking around and enjoying the food. Junior Hunter Noto went with her family and friends on the second day. Noto said, “I enjoyed being able to hangout with friends and family at the fair. It was for sure something that I missed last year.” 

Many students that attended the fair ended up going multiple times this year. Since it was one of the first larger events to take place in the last two years, it offered a somewhat more normal environment. With the recent spike in Covid cases, many people tried to get out and enjoy the freedom while they could just in case another lockdown was implemented.

The fair still tried to promote a safe environment by offering masks for guests when entering through the gates. Posters and signs were found throughout the fair to remind people that the pandemic was not over. There was also a tent set up for vaccines and Covid tests if wanted by fair-goers. The 2021 DuQuoin State Fair was one step closer to reaching a bit of normalcy.