Volleyball Keeps Rolling Against Marion


Dani Scott, Sport Reporter


CARTERVILLE – The Lions Volleyball team took the win Monday night in two sets against the Marion Wildcats in their home opener. Set one finished with a score of 25-12, while the second set was 25-16. 

The Lions came out on top by upholding their reputation of a hard-hitting front row and a diligent back row. Bella Mavigliano tallied 7 kills overall tonight, and Amanda Howerton followed close behind with 6 kills. 

The Lions started both sets with a hard hit. Set one began with a solid hit by Mavigliano and was accompanied by 3 more from Howerton. During both sets, the Wildcats couldn’t get a hit past the back row; Howerton and Reese Brunken saved many points for the Lions. 

The second set was started by a hard hit by Sydne Stuck. The Wildcats got ahead by three, and right as they began to gain some traction Ally Lange shut them down, turning the tides with a kill that tied up the score (9-9). This disruption of momentum caused the Wildcats to only score 7 more points for the remainder of the set. 

The Lions are inspired to keep the momentum this season. Tuesday, August 31, the Lions go head-to-head with their rivals, the Herrin Tigers. Varsity will start around 7:00.