We are Back to School with New Classes


Emily Bjornberg, Staff Writer

Schools are back in session and everything looks different. This year the students are separated into three different groups, orange, blue, and remote, to keep social distancing in place. Teachers and students are also sanitizing between each class as well. Although this year looks quite different, CHS has added new classes for students. This year CHS is offering LEAD, Personal Fitness, Creative Writing, and an assortment of others. 

LEAD is a class for freshmen to take in order to help students develop more leadership and character among themselves. LEAD, which is taught by Mr. Emrick, stands for Lead, Empower, and Develop. Mr. Emrick says, “We talk about why it’s important to have leadership skills and how to use them to positively impact people.” 

You should  take this class because it is required but because “it is approached with an open mind.” Mr. Emrick also says, “It is a class that is not like any other, and something that every student can take lessons and immediately incorporate those into their lives.” Additionally, the class consists of a lot of self-reflection, self-assessment, and a lot of group discussion. Karalee Faries says she likes the class because, “ We get to talk about our lives and he’s talking to us about things that day could actually benefit us in in our lives right now.” 

Creative Writing is a new semester course to help students craft various genres of writing including poetry and prose styles, as well as responding to those styles along with other mediums. Students will also have the opportunity to peer review other students writing and share ideas among the class. Mrs. Burkey says, “ You should join creative writing because it’s a way you can express yourself in another way and it can help you if you want to be able to do something with editing in the future.” 

If you like fun then Personal Fitness, is the class for you if you love to dance, do zumba, yoga, or even just have a good time with classmates while still getting exercise. Personal Fitness is available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Mrs. Emrick loves to have fun with her students while doing a variety of fun activities. Mrs. Emrick says, “I think my main goal is to make every student who walks in my class free, safe, valued, and is able to understand the role of physical activity, both mental and physical health. I want them to understand that staying active can be important and fun.”

 Mrs. Emrick also makes the class fun by “not being too serious”. She says, “ I tell my students that I never take myself seriously, I love being active with my classes and being able to laugh at myself.” A lot of students at CHS are really loving the class. “I like Mrs. Emricks class because she teaches valuable life lessons, while paying close attention to our mental and physical health” says senior Carson Harris. 

With this year’s school year being different from any we’ve had before, students have these new classes to look forward to. The new classes are LEAD, Creative Writing, and Personal Fitness. CHS is proud to be able to offer these classes, and more, to students in the community. To get more information or find out how to join, contact your guidance counselor for more information on how to sign up for these classes.