The Movies Of Today: The Highlights

Lydia Nelson, Section Editor

Have you ever wanted to go see a movie with your friends, but have no clue on which one is best? Well, the films that I am about to show you may be the best ones out there in this new season. This week, I spent my days interviewing several people around the high school on what movies they had seen in this winter season, and which ones they thought were the best. On Monday I asked Jalyn O’Brien, a junior, what movie she had seen recently, and why she liked it. She said that she saw Frozen 2, which is the long-awaited frosty sequel to the original that premiered six years ago. In the interview, she said that she liked the movie because “people our age grew up with Frozen, so it was super fun to go back and see (the sequel).” 


In addition to new Disney movies, there were also some fun and exciting action films that appeared in our hometown theatres a few weeks ago. One of them was called Ford vs. Ferrari, which stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale as two men who work together to create a new type of race car to compete in a race in France (IMDB). On Thursday, I questioned Sydney Brown, a senior, on why she liked this feature. She replied, “I liked that the movie had a great representation of the friendship between the adults (the characters played by Damon and Bale) and that they (the cast) had a lot of passion into the cars and work that they were doing.” When I asked her if she would recommend the film to others she quoted, “definitely. There was a lot more to [the film] than just racing cars.”

These movies might be just some of the films out today, but so far they have been some of the best-rated ones in our high school. If you are craving for some relaxing time outside of school or are waiting to see a movie until after finals are over, then I would highly recommend you look into either Ford vs Ferrari or Frozen 2, because you will not be disappointed. Whether you are a Disney nerd like I am, you love action movies that leave you on the edge of your seat, or if you are a person who just wants to see the best moves before anyone else does, both of these films are guaranteed to leave you thrilled.