The Stress Is Unreal

Angelina Levins, Staff Writer


Parents had it much easier “back in the day” when they did not have to stress so much about homecoming. They never had to go spend a large amount of money on a dress because all that was worn included a homecoming shirt and bottoms to go with. In addition, their homecoming was right after the football game. Now, there is so much to do to get ready for homecoming: hair, makeup, nails, shoes, and you have to pay for a dress. The time of homecoming can also be an exciting time for many students like senior Trevor Lynch. When I asked him if he was he was excited about homecoming he said, “Yes, I’m excited to be able to dance, and I plan on winning the dance competition.” In other words, his competitors need to be on the lookout for a repeat of last year’s dance competition victory.

The dance is an interesting time because you are excited to possibly go with a person that you like, to dance and sing, or, you might even really nervous. When I asked freshman Tikiya Gardner if she was anxious she said, “Yes, because it is my first homecoming.” So it seems that for freshmen it is scarier because it is their first official dance in high school. For those who have had some experience under their belt, they are not as scared. Sophomore Deidra Rogers stated, “I am pretty excited for homecoming and to go with Paige Meyer, Macey Lentz, Hannah Lynch, and Sadie Ziegler. I’m ready to see everyone.” On the other hand, junior Bailey West is feeling two different emotions: she said that she was “Excited, but nervous because she might find a guy.”  Well, she at least hopes to find a guy, but there is a list of things she looks for in one. Maybe she just might find that lucky man.