Why I Hate Politics

Josh Levins, Staff Writer

Politics are a waste of time, period. All they do is make people upset, and cause disagreements. Politicians can never agree with each other, even when they are on the same side. There seems to never be anything that everyone can agree on. Even when it comes to the Constitution people interpret it differently. The only result of politics is resentment toward fellow Americans and small disagreements blown way out of proportion. For example, Democrats and Republicans are constantly shouting at each other about how they want the country to be run. Ultimately, it is not their decision, and there’s nothing they can do about it. President Trump stated on September 12, according to the Washington Post, “They’re colluding and obstructing’” (Bade). Democrats then responded with a huge Trump decorated inflatable rat, stating that he is one (Bade). This is just a small disagreement that really has nothing to do with the other political views, and is just a personal attack on each other.

Politics also confuse people. When asked about politics, Junior Annika Henson stated that she doesn’t follow politics, “Because it’s complex, it’s complicated, and people fight about nonchalant stuff”. Politics overall are just perplexing to people that are not actively involved in them. It is extremely hard to keep up because laws and opinions are constantly changing on both sides of the political spectrum. Furthermore, politicians are constantly at each other’s throats over things that are unimportant, sometimes over nothing.

Overall, politics is just a straight up waste of time. The only thing politics is good for is promoting child-like behavior, and starting up arguments with each other. Politicians are often corrupt and behave like children, this behavior should not be tolerated, yet it is. The game of politics is well played by some, and they become very good at bending people and manipulating them to vote their way. Due to the fact that this kind of behavior is tolerated, and the fact that these politicians and their policies are so confusing. I hate politics.

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