Learning About High School 101: A Q&A

Rose Mercader, Staff Writer

High school is a place where it impacts many students’ lives as they go through many questionable experiences about their social life, growing up, and grades. Through these experiences, many students will ask questions based on their curiosity. Through asking questions, they will gain a knowledgeable perspective of what high school is like and how it works. I have gathered five frequently asked questions about high school and put in a student’s or my personal intake on them. 

Q. What subjects do students often enjoy taking?

A: Junior Daniel Shao, also known by the nickname Chino, says “I enjoy taking math because I still know what is going on even when I sleep during class.” Many students enjoy taking extracurricular activities due to it being less stressful and more fun than their core classes. For me personally, I enjoy taking math as a subject because of the teachers that teach the class. Math may seem boring to others, but whenever you have a teacher who tells you random stories about his or her kid(s), or about a funny experience, while also making jokes in class, it can be quite enjoyable.  

Q. What is the hardest part about high school? 

A: There are numerous difficulties that occur throughout many students’ high school lives. These problems are often social problems, time management, or having to deal with grades. For me personally, I have experienced all three of these situations. Every year, I would have to deal with drama that would occur with friends or outside of school that would go on for months. I lose friends, but I also gain new ones. Time management is also an issue due to how involved you are with school. For me, I am currently in eight clubs and will be doing more as the year progresses, while also taking two AP classes and having to babysit or tutor after school sometimes. For me, this can be hard at times because I do not have time to do homework that night and will end up doing it in school the next morning, or staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning to finish typing on a paper. It helps to have a planner and doing some of your homework in school that day. Also, grades can be difficult to deal with at times because you do not get the grade you want, however, there is always room for improvement.

Q. If you could offer any advice to the underclassmen, what would it be?

A: My advice would be to make the most out of your high school life. You are only in high school for four years–approximately 180 days each year and 720 days altogether. Get involved with clubs. You will meet new people, make new friends, and find something that you are passionate about. Challenge yourself by taking advanced classes. Although they are difficult and ask yourself why you chose to take that class, it will benefit you in the future. Go outside and hang out with your friends. You will regret staying inside and canceling plans with them.  Also, I would also like to say this, do not be harsh on yourself. As you go on with your high school lives, you will go through a lot of hardships that will lead you to fail an assignment, a quiz, test, or class. As a senior who has experienced this multiple times, it is okay to fail. Failure is what allows you to succeed because it motivates you to try harder. No one is perfect. Also, your grades and GPA do not define you as a person. You can have low grades and a low GPA, but also be just as intelligent as someone who has higher grades and a higher GPA.

Q. What do students like to do on a Friday night?

A: Many students partake in Friday Night Lights, which is dressing up in a certain theme and cheering on our Carterville Lion football players in the student section. Others who do go to the football games, but do not participate with the Carterville Crazies (our student section), hang out with their friends while roaming around the area. Those who do not go to the football games are either hanging out with their friends at a different place, doing homework, watching Netflix in their rooms, hanging out with their family, or possibly taking a nap. For me, you can find me either sleeping on my bed for four hours or watching me walk around while taking pictures at the football games.

Q. What is your favorite thing about high school?

A: Senior Caleb Knight states that his favorite thing about high school is “The chance to go and see friends every day and the fact that I know it’s helping me towards my future college.” Many students would agree that their favorite thing about high school is seeing their friends, making new friends, and getting to hang out with their friends. Overall, high school would not be enjoyable without having friends.

Although many students will experience many difficulties with high school, they will become knowledgeable on how to fix these certain situations. High school will be rough, but it might be one of the best experiences you will ever have as a teenager. Four years may seem like a long time, but they will pass quickly. Enjoy your teenage years. You are only a teenager once, so do not let drama, grades, stress, or failure bring you down.