10 Things To Do In Study Hall

Brystol Thomas, staff writer

We all know that study hall is one of those classes that can feel like it can go on and on. Whenever we don’t have homework, study hall feels pointless and boring. I asked Ali Vaughn, a sophomore in study hall, how she likes it and what she thinks of study hall. She says, “I think we should be able to nap in study hall.” Although you can’t, I would like to help by suggesting ideas that could entertain you during study hall, yet not make you break any rules. After an informative conversation with Ms. Bolling, I was given a copy of the rules so that I could make sure that we don’t suggest any that would break her requirements. I asked what she would like to see of her students and she said, ” I want my students to be able to be productive, yet quiet and respectful.” My goal is to help by giving ideas for students to be eligible to do that.

  1. Coloring Sheets. Often times there are printed coloring sheets one that shelves underneath the whiteboard. Ms. Bolling also provides color pencils and markers. Although some may call it childish, coloring can actually be a fun and creative thing to keep you occupied if you don’t have work to work on.
  2. Organize your binders. We have all experienced misplacing papers because our binders or folders are so unorganized. Something to do while you are sitting bored in study hall is to clean out your binders. Make sure that all or your papers are together for a certain class and throw out old papers that are just taking up valuable space.
  3. Word Searches. Ms. Bolling often times has word searches out, however, if they are all gone then you can even make your own. Obviously you would know where all of the words are, but if you make one and have your friend make one then you both could switch and see who gets done faster. You can make it into a fun contest.
  4. Read a Book. I know that reading a book can sound boring, but if you find one that you like and that you are very interested in, then it could be fun. If you don’t have a book to read, then you could always make a quick trip to the library and search for a book that strikes your attention. Reading a good book can keep you entertained for a while and can make time go by quicker than you think.
  5.  Teacher Approved Magazine. Magazines can be very intriguing. Whether you are into the latest fashion trends or want to keep up to date on sports, I think that everyone can find a magazine that will suit their needs.
  6. Count. Counting sounds really boring, but if you want to then you can just get a piece of paper and write down all the numbers. You can make a contest with a friend and see who can count the highest in one class period. Maybe you could get to 1,000 or 2,000. Really, it could go on forever. This is something that will keep your eyes off the clock and keep your focus off of how much time you have left in class.
  7. Memorize Every Word in the Dictionary. If you think that you actually have enough time, you could always challenge your self by memorizing every word ever. You could take it letter by letter and see how long it takes for you to get through them all.
  8. Study. This one is self explanatory and pretty obvious, however, there are times when you don’t have a test that you need to study for. When this happens something that you could do it take notes from a class and make sure that you really understand what is going on in that class. This will help you keep your grades up, as well as help study hall go faster.
  9. Sudoku. These are fun worksheets that will challenge your brain and keep you focused. Ms. Bolling keeps them out by the word searches. Sudokus are things that you can go against a friend with. They usually take a long time so they are a great way to keep your mind occupied during study hall.
  10. Check out a Chromebook. Even though you can’t play games on them, you can still use them to go on google docs and just write about something. You don’t even need a topic or anything. If you are super bored then maybe you could just write about your day. Or write a note and share it with your friend who is also in that class.

These suggestions should help keep your mind busy and your eyes off the clock. If there is ever an activity you want to do in study hall, don’t forget to check with the woman in charge first- she will love you forever for following the rules and asking. Happy studying!