Friday Knight Lights

Sport’s spotlight: Caleb Knight


Madison Poshard

Carterville High School’s soccer team huddles together during the beginning of their game against Marion.

Jamie Leonard, Staff Writer

“Friday Night Lights”, represents spirit, passion, and community. Friday football games bring everyone together to support their team. The student section, as well as the families in the community,  join together. At Carterville High School, the Carterville Crazies, student section, join the families in the community to bring an uproar from the stands as their team plays. The team has gained a new kicker for the 2019 fall football season, Senior, Caleb Knight.

Caleb Knight is a soccer player, who recently decided to join the Lions’ football team. He joined because he said he “wanted to play in front of my peers and help the team. I also wanted to have a true crowd watching.” At Carterville, the community all gathers to support football while soccer is somewhat neglected. Assistant football coach Clark says,  “Caleb branched out to help the football team. He is a tough competitor and would do anything to help win. He has been a tremendous addition to the team” Caleb impacts the teams he is a part of.

He is one of the team captains on the soccer team this year. He along with a few other of the teammates lead the team into how they can be better and work together. “As a captain, I help the team win the games by providing my knowledge and technique. I also coach the players to help them improve overall,” Caleb says.

Caleb is number 20 on the soccer team and 18 on the football team. He has the number 20 because he says, “My dad’s number was 20, on his baseball team. Neither my brother or I played his sport, so I chose it to be able to carry out his number in my own sport.” He looks up to his dad “because he is taller than me and he is my coach outside of the sports teams.” His dad and mom were the ones who began his journey with soccer. He began playing soccer because his parents had him try out different sports and soccer was the one. He says he likes l, “not having breaks. Also, I like being able to dribble past players and tackle them”

Knight spends a lot of time working towards his goals. He trains every day to try and be the best he can be at his sport. Over the summer Knight added, “I would do two per day sessions. One would be soccer and then I would go do weight training.” As well as working hard he also plays on a travel team in St. Louis. This team is Gallagher and through this team, he has had the opportunity to play in Belgium and Holland. Soccer has opened up other opportunities for Knight. He is planning to go to college and play soccer. He has signed to Evansville college in Indiana.

 He has played soccer since he was little but did not get really serious until high school. Caleb is now hoping, “that [he will] be able to play throughout college.” For now, he is finishing his senior year in high school. He is benefiting the soccer team as well as the football team and making an impact at Carterville High School. He enjoys playing the sport and never regrets it.