10 Things To Do This Saturday

Sydney Brown, Staff writer

Mitali Bahinipati says that her favorite thing to do on Saturday is sit in her room and have an existential crisis. Although we can’t all have a thrilling weekend like her, we can definitely try our best. Weekends are those special days where the plans are up to you. You have the power to decide what you do with your free time, and you also have the power to make it enjoyable. 

Personally, I prefer Saturday over Sunday because it is the only day of the week that we don’t have to dread the upcoming school day. Saturday is its own type of joy: freedom, relaxation, and the power of choice are all things it embodies.In order to enjoy your Saturday however, you must come up with activities to make the most of your one day of recreation. This is the area of assistance that I can provide to you: 10 things you can do on your Saturday. 

 For starters you should always find a buddy to share your day with. We all need some alone time, but with our hectic schedules it’s nice to spend a weekend accompanied by a friend or few. They’re useful for some good conversation and  they help to add life to your adventures. 

Since we live in such a quaint little town we have to be creative with our forms of entertainment. An option to appease your boredom could even be cruising around the town looking for new spots of interest or even other friends you could share your day with.

Food: the holy grail of all things lovely. Try going to a new restaurant that doesn’t get quite as much attention in our fast food economy: places such as the Country Cupboard (they have some amazing grilled cheese, I must say), QQ Bubble Tea, Mimmo’s Pizza, Mary Lou’s Grill, or Nesler’s Polar Whip are fantastic options.

Fall is on its way and there’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than to go outside. Our area is full of hiking grounds, one being Giant City. So, go on an adventure and explore the big wide world in our small part of Southern Illinois. Following a trail or safely climbing the rock structures could make for a wonderful Saturday if it’s done right. 

Number five, goofy golf. Carterville has a goofy golf center across route 13 called Safari Goofy Golf. Even though it sounds a bit childish, if you’re accompanied by the right people you could turn an ordinary game of golf into a spectacular time out with the pals. 

Energy is home to a place called Fish Tales Pet Shop. They have recently added pottery to the mix of services they offer. Making your own piece of pottery and painting it for yourself or someone special could give meaning to your day off, not to mention you could check out the adorable pets they have up for adoption.  They are even open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm making getting there on time a breeze. 

A seventh option of activities to look into would be the Panic Room in Carbondale. They have many rooms ranging from a horror room to a Christmas room. You must make a reservation in order to participate in the fun, but if you’re looking for an activity to do with a larger group of people this could be a suitable option. Each room has a series of clues that you and your friends must work through in order to be “released.” There would be no dull moment at this establishment, that’s for sure.

With Halloween sneaking up on us, it might be interesting to visit the Chittyville Haunted House. They offer a decent scare for those of you who would like to live on the edge and relish in a bit of an adrenaline rush. This would be a fun late night thrill to have on your Saturday off; they are open until 12:00 am, spooky.

While you’re at it why don’t you hit up the city park? The trail around the Cannon Park pond is beautiful, and it’s a nice way to get some exercise and enjoy a Saturday morning with nature. 

Lastly, number ten: go see a movie. The AMC theatre in Carbondale is a gorgeous facility with accommodations such as reclining chairs and reserved seating to make your movie experience a time to remember. What better way to end your Saturday night than a movie: maybe even It: Chapter 2?

Ryan Skaf, a current senior at Carterville High School, believes that getting out is important. When asked where he would choose to go on Saturday with his friends he said, “I’d walk the strip (in Carbondale) and go to QQ Bubble Tea, that’s a definite answer…definitely QQ Bubble Tea. Pags has some good pizza and they also serve pasta, and I even saw a strange version of The Hobbit at the theater on the strip. It’s also a right of passage to walk from wherever you are to Farm Fresh and buy something, so I’d go there too.”

We can all agree that some time to ourselves can be the best medicine to a monotonous week of school, so go out and enjoy some food, take a walk outside, or see a movie with friends. Whatever you choose to do on your Saturday, make sure you enjoy yourself while doing it because Saturdays are for souls who want to have a good time and spend their day right. So what are you waiting for? Go out, put down your phone, and join the rest of your friends for a night on the town.