Student of the Month: Lacey Evrard

Kyle Wilson, Staff Writer

The one thing assured to everyone as they walk through the entrance doors of Carterville High School is simple: we’re all completely different people.  The ups and downs, left and rights, U-Turns and turnabouts of high school; all of them to be experienced individually, combated personally, enjoyed out loud.  For the month of April, Publications wanted to take a closer look at the students of CHS, and see life within these walls through their eyes. I had the honor of conversing with Lacey Evrard, a senior who has already got one foot out of the EXIT door, and she opened my eyes vastly.

Lacey is crucially committed to her work, friends, and future; this commitment being unequivocally the reason for her successes in all aforementioned departments.  This quality comes through in the air of responsibility and maturity that is most notable in her interactions with fellow students.

When asked to look back on her earliest years of high school, and the journey she’s made since then, she responded with, “I feel a little weird.  I’ve changed so much as a person since I started going to school here. The most important things I’ll take with me from CHS are definitely the friendships I’ve made while attending the school, specifically the friends I’ve made this year alone.”  Undoubtedly, friendship in high school is one of the things that molds you, and builds you to be ‘you’.

Most obviously, academics are an inevitable part of high school, and the tools required to succeed include motivation, application, dedication, and responsibility, especially for conquering the 7.5 point grading scale and getting that diploma.  When asked, “How do you feel about the opportunities provided at CHS?  As far as getting involved, what were your favorite and least favorite club(s)/class(es)/event(s), and is there anything you wish you would or would not have done while at CHS?”  Lacey had this to say in response, “I feel like CHS has a lot of great opportunities for students, but I feel like everyone should try harder to encourage students to get involved with different clubs and activities…I wish I would’ve gotten more involved in different events at CHS, rather than feelings intimidated to join something new.”  Something that we could all learn from, don’t be afraid to step out of your box. High school is a place for change and knowledge; the possibilities of you walking out the same way you entered are slim to none, regardless of who you are. The options that are provided throughout High School are meant to benefit you, not waste your time, and most all of them are worth a second look.

Although, even if you don’t utilize these resources ASAP, it’s okay.  Many students are constantly at odds with themselves out of a fear of failure, or worse yet, having to redo an entire class.  Lacey warns though, that even if worse comes to worst, there are always tactics to come out on top, “I’ve struggled from time to time in different classes, for instance, I failed my second semester of English II.  But I was able to bounce back from that, and now I’m taking AP English.” Lacey continues, “I’m proud of myself for not letting one setback discourage me permanently, and instead rising up and flourishing from it.”

It is, absent of any second thoughts or alternative participants, that Lacey is chosen for Student of the Month, for the month of April.  Throughout her time at CHS, she has expressed some of the crucial qualities it takes to be a Lion, and to set herself on a path for success long after graduation.