Teacher vs. Quote

Raegan Lewis, Staff Writer

O April 3rd, 2019 a student from Ms. Donohue’s Publications class went on an adventure around CHS. A quest, to find five quotes from five excellent teachers. The rules are simple; while you’re reading this, you are going to be put up to the test by trying to guess which quote belongs to which teacher. Good luck!

Question number one: What is the number one thing talked about in most of your hours?  

Quote number one: “My beef with Quatros.”

A. Mr. Towers  B. Mr. Hall  C. Ms. Hempen

Question number two: What is one of your special/secret talents?

Quote number two: “I can do the splits!”

A. Mr. Butler  B. Mrs. Avery  C. Senora

Question number three: What is your favorite sport?

Quote number three: “The best sport ever is obviously basketball.”

A. Mr. Jeralds  B. Mrs. Hawkins  C. Mr. Hawkins

Question number four: What tends to be a bad habit of yours?

Quote number four: “I tend to procrastinate way more than I should.”

A. Mr. Ruiz  B. Mr. Davis  C. Mr.. Towers

Question number five: How old are you?

Quote number five: “I was born like 3,000 years ago.”

A.Senora  B. Ms. Hempen  C. Mr. Coleman


Now that the guessing game is completed, here are the correct answers to the previous quotes:


Answer Key

  • Mr. Towers
  • Mrs. Avery
  • Mr. Hawkins
  • Mr. Ruiz
  • Mr. Coleman