Carterville Students Become CNAs

An Introduction to Medical World

Caylah Keim, Staff Writer

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John A. Logan brought a brand new opportunity to Carterville by offering the CNA program to students. The program trains and equips students for the skills needed to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The High School selects up to 14 students to participate in the semester long class that ends with the students receiving their CNA license. The rigorous course contains a minimum of 40 clinical hours combined with hours in the classroom.

Certified Nursing Assistants mainly work in nursing homes caring for the elderly and assisting them with their activities of daily life. They’re in charge for making sure the individual has everything they need to live an adequate and comfortable life in the facility. 

The program is taught by Crystal Young who was formerly known as “Nurse Crystal” when she worked as CUSD 5’s school nurse. Crystal loves the CNA program and encouraging her students to do their best. Student Hunter Inman, when interviewed claimed, “Yeah I like her a lot. She’s really nice to be around, and I really respect her.” Crystal has been teaching the CNA program for several years now and enjoys her position. However, she does claim to, at times, miss her role as a school nurse. Many of the students remember her from her days at the school. Anna Hartford, in particular, exclaims, “She was like, you know, very welcoming and understanding. She always tried to find at least some way to make you feel better or help.”

Many of her students have been able to experience both her school nurse days and now as an instructor. Inman, one of the many to have this luxury, is enrolled in the CNA program this semester. When asked why he wanted to participate in the CNA program he responded, “I think it’s a good experience for my career path and since I want to be in the medical field. It’s going to give me a good idea of what to do and expect.” Not only does the class prepare you for the title of “CNA” but also allows for students to get their foot into the medical field as Inman said.

After the program, many students have been able to land jobs at healthcare facilities and further their career in the nursing world at a faster rate. One of the students, Erin Robertson was able to get an opportunity job shadowing a nurse anesthetist – what she thought was her dream job. Although she did not end up liking the job itself, “the experience was great,” she excitedly said.

Not only is the CNA program a great experience for students still enrolled in high school but it also opens up future opportunities. When asked if underclassmen should attempt to take the class, Hartford remarked, “Yes, I would definitely recommend the CNA class if the medical field is something you are even remotely interested in. It’s a great way to figure out if you even like it or are even going to be good at it. Some people may like it but may be like, ‘I suck at this!’” Being in the medical field is not for everyone. This program is a good way to figure out your personal preference.