CHS Chats: Vol. 3

Julia Stroud, Staff Writer

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With the fall play being just around the corner, director Josh Hall is a very busy man. Although his schedule is mostly filled, and days are long, he still manages to find time for his many passions and hobbies. His many pastimes include traveling, gardening a variety of flowers and vegetables, reading, and listening to music. While he spends his time reading many books, one of his favorites is Watership Down by Richard Adams.

Mr. Hall’s high school experience was that of any normal teenager. His favorite subject was, and obviously still is, history. Mr. Hall claims to have maintained A’s and B’s all throughout high school. “The only B I really got in high school was in math. I always struggled in math but I was really good at history,” Mr. Hall said when asked about his weakest and strongest school subjects. Mr. Hall was a part of many clubs in high school including NHS, YAG, Key Club (community service), Science Club, and Scholar Bowl. Mr. Hall claimed he “really enjoyed being an active part of his school.” He played the clarinet in his school band and was a part of many musicals and plays put on by the school.

Nowadays, Mr. Hall still continues to enjoy history: his favorite class to teach being world studies. Mr. Hall’s favorite grade level to teach is sophomore, mostly because they are not freshmen. His favorite numbers are 8 and 12, even though he says he has “no real reason why.” Although being a part of many plays, Mr. Hall does not have a favorite play. He has been on cast for nine plays and has directed seven. This year’s fall play, Sleepy Hollow, will be his eighth play. Sleepy Hollow will be performed in the high school auditorium the weekend before Thanksgiving.

So overall, Mr. Hall could be summed up as a history lovin’, play directing, father. Oh, and did I mention he is going to have a little girl sometime this October! Yep, so that sums up Mr. Hall. If you have more questions, you can find him in room 234 Monday through Friday from 8:10 am to 3:05 pm.

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CHS Chats: Vol. 3