Is it Really Rising to the Top?

Zakaria Jackson, Staff Writer

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On the twenty third of March the highly anticipated blockbuster movie Pacific Rim Uprising was officially released. This movie had a budget of one-hundred and fifty million dollars, while in box office it only made twenty three million. Movie buffs have had many mixed thoughts on this movie. Rotten Tomato critic, Robert Roten from Laramie Movie Scope says “This is a typical summer-type movie, a popcorn movie. There is plenty of action and eye candy. It is pure escapism. As such, it works well enough.” The “eye candy” that is mentioned is John Boyega who plays Jake Pentecost the main character, and Scott Eastwood who plays Lambert, Pentecost co-captain. This review is one of the only clear positive reviews compared to the rest. Another critic gives a more negative review with a two out of four star rating. “Pacific Rim: Uprising fails to enthrall with its weak script, dull action sequences, and forgettable characters. John Boyega, however, is certainly one of Hollywood’s more interesting stars.” Most of the reviews that people have are on the negative side. There are different views brought up in the movie, which made the movie actually interesting and brings more excitement to the table. In this sequel, rather than keeping the setting, story based like the first one did; it gives background information to how all the scientific features are brought up. This brings a whole new perspective on how everything came about. There are some things that are disappointing, such as when watching the movie there are scenes that constantly bring up memories of the first Pacific Rim. When thinking of the first one it’s really discouraging because people want their favorite characters to pop up to make the movie ten times better. One big part that makes the movie feel less action packed is the fact it starts out so slow. While waiting for something to happen anticipation is lost to know what happens next. The good thing is that it doesn’t take long to bring interest back, for example when the main character has a possibility to have a new love interest it really leads to questions bringing up the need to know the rest of the story. When the main character Jake is running away from there local Jaeger police he ends up running into a girl from the poor part of the town. When they meet there is a instant, almost awkward connection which is combated with both of there sarcastic demeanor. All the negativity is very understandable due to the constant story line fillers. Even though the movie ends up making up for is bad screenplay, it wouldn’t be a good movie to go back and see again.

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Is it Really Rising to the Top?