Guess the Senior!

Emily Duran, editor

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Match the Senior to their quote!

  1. Brandon Gill
  2. Anna Billingsley
  3. Caleb Beasley
  4. Brock Mills
  5. Ryan Buttram
  6. Haley Mickey
  7. Thomas Wood
  8. Gracie Wetherington
  9. Connor Henderson

A.“You just put a potato in the microwave for two minutes, get it nice and hot, and eat it whole.”
B. “Back in my day, only rich kids got Polio because they didn’t eat dirt like we did.”
C. “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”
D. “I peaked.”
E. “ My favorite high school memory is winning Wild West Wednesday”
F. “I am Connor Henderson.”
G.“ My main goal is to blow up. Then act like I don’t know nobody. Yach yach yach.”
H. “ I don’t eat hog dogs cut up like little octopi. I don’t know why everyone thinks that, but it’s not true.”
I. “I’m injecting thoughts into my brain.”





Answer Key: 1.B  2.E  3.I  4.D  5.A   6.G  7.F  8.C  9.H