Taking a Look Back at Fall

Lani Dean, Staff Writer

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There were a lot of things to do around Carterville during the fall season.  People went to haunted houses, coffee shops, pumpkin patches, skating rinks, or stayed at home to relax.  Many students liked going to haunted houses, such as Woodlawn Haunted Woods, where student Mark Redfern says, “I went there a couple days before Halloween.  It was so much fun and somewhat scary.”  Other students found a great place to hang out at Crown Brew Coffee Co. in Carterville. Seth W. , a freshman at Carterville High School, stated, “I love Crown Brew Coffee and their food is great. I love going there and hanging out with my bros and other people.  It’s also a great place to study.” This is a locally owned coffee shop that lots of people enjoy!  Many students cherish their childhood memory of going to the pumpkin patch, such as student Destiny H.  She went to Beggs Family Farm and states, “I loved going to Beggs Family Farm this fall.  It is a fun place to go with your family or friends.”   Another great place to go is All Sk8 in Du Quoin, IL.  Sophomore Kenzie D. said, “It was fun hang out with my friends! Ever since Hot Wheels closed down, I have found that All Sk8 has been a close favorite. I highly recommend you try it.” Others just stayed at home and rested, like sophomore Courtney L.  She stated “I just didn’t want to face the pre-Christmas craziness, so I spent my fall indoors relaxing.”  Students have enjoyed the fall of 2017, so even though it’s coming to an end, you can always keep these great places in mind for next year!

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Taking a Look Back at Fall