Youth in Government

Braden Rice, Staff Writer

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Youth in Government is a CHS club that is for the most part overlooked due to its small size of only 11 members, but it has a lot of activities in it. In Youth in Government, students engage in many mock government activities, such as legislative sessions, elections, and debates on certain topics and issues. The club is led by Mr. Hall, who was a member of the club as a highschool student, and has presided over the club at CHS for 5 years. Students become eligible to join Youth in Government starting their sophomore year and will be allowed to go to Springfield if they raise 350 dollars in fundraising for the organization.

Sydney Smith has been a member of the organization for 3 years, and is one of 3 seniors in the organization. She really enjoys being a legislator, a position where you write a bill, try to win high priority with it, and then try to get it passed in Springfield. Sydney also enjoys debating over bills in committee and legislative sessions. Sophomore John Hagen, in his first year of Youth in Government, says he’s had a lot of fun with the club so far, is learning a lot in the first session, and can’t wait for what might be in store in the future.

April 5-7 is when Youth in Government’s main session will be held at the Capitol building in Springfield, where guests can come watch the legislative sessions in the house and senate. If any student wishes to join next year, they should speak to Mr. Hall, who’d be happy to have them.

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Youth in Government