Uniting The Young and Old

Uniting The Young and Old

February 23, 2020


A Nine Story Tragedy

February 2, 2020

The Competition is Real

Angelina Levins, Staff Writer

December 2, 2019

Have you ever been in class and hear someone yell randomly? I have, and it’s pretty much every day in Ms. Hempen’s class when she shows us our house points. What are House Points, you may ask? When asking Ms. Hempen she desc...

Pumpkin Path

Brystol Thomas, staff writer

November 1, 2019

What did you do on Halloween? Go trick or treating? Go to a party? Maybe you went to the Pumpkin Path? The Pumpkin Path is an annual Trick or Treating event in downtown Carterville sponsored by the Carterville Chamber of Commerce...

Why I Hate Politics

Josh Levins, Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

Politics are a waste of time, period. All they do is make people upset, and cause disagreements. Politicians can never agree with each other, even when they are on the same side. There seems to never be anything that everyone...

A Day in the Life of a Lion

Audrey Snyder, Staff Writer

September 17, 2019

After school, Carterville High School students go their separate ways, completing their after school activities. For some students that task is working. For example, when asked about her job, senior Jasmine Beckwith stated, “I ...

The Fires That Are Shaking The World

Lydia Nelson, Section Editor

September 12, 2019

The Amazon Rainforest is in trouble. Wildfires that started in August are continuously streaming across its vast environment, and they have not yet been stopped. Not only have thousands of habitats been destroyed, but the threat ...

A Very Special Event: SIU Hosts Special Olympics

McKenzie Rogman, Sports Editor

May 3, 2019

Each year SIU hosts a Special Olympics for those who have a special need. This will be the 51st Anniversary of the Special Olympics. Around five million athletes participate in these events every single year. Thousands of peopl...

A Different Kind of Competition: Academic Challenge

Jamie Leonard, Staff Writer

May 3, 2019

A select few of students around Carterville High School participate in a group called ACES. This group competes with their knowledge on academic subjects. On April 23, these students attended a state competition in Eastern Il...

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